Tiberious is an established and published photographer with more than 15 years of experience and has provided professional photography to more than 500 satisfied clients from New York to Savannah.  As a graduate from one of the country’s most prestigious art schools, he credits SCAD, The Savannah College of Art and Design, for the many skills and professional knowledge which he acquired during his studies there.  

While growing up on Long Island, he discovered a fascination with character and story development, perspective of shots, as well as practical and special effects pertaining to movies and television shows.   His creative passion and love of photography occurred quite by accident while snapping candid shots of friends in clubs with a basic point and shoot camera.  It was a club owner who noticed his ability with the camera, and the subjects, and upon viewing the images he captured, he was offered a photography job to promote several upscale clubs.    


Soon after, his love of photography began to evolve he purchased a first generation, Sony DSLR camera and became fascinated with the Bokeh & Shallow Depth of Field.  “Dream Photography” was created after continually being approached for photo sessions. It was this pivotal moment which prompted him to return to school, this time for art, rather than academics.  This new passion and desire landed him on the Dean’s List, and helped develop the confidence needed to apply, and earn acceptance to SCAD.  

Although his studies of Digital Imaging proved intense and rigorous, he gained opportunities to collaborate with the fashion department learning hands on, the skills of posing models.  In addition to studying the History of Photography and Still Life drawing, he thrived in the classes for Studio and Natural Lighting, Digital Color Theory, Framing & Composition, and Commercial Product Photography.  His dedication earned him a B.F.A. in Fine Arts Photography; and his studies continued fueling his passion for photography, and became the opportunity which cultivated lasting relationships with great artists and colleagues who are now planted around the globe.

Several years after earning his degree, Tiberious left Savannah and headed north to the coastal town of Wilmington, NC where he has pursued his photography career and develops his skills.  He continues honing and creating a unique style of Editorial & Portrait Photography, and endlessly refining his post production skills.   Strong computer skills and proper file management are among some of the skills he has developed on his own which help ensure a smooth workflow; in addition to remaining ahead of the curve of current software, and the ability to stay current with the technologies available which are also integral aspects.  He has partnered with Undertow Media which films high end videography projects for local clients in the Wilmington area which includes Wrightsville Beach and Carolina Beach.  

FAA Part 107 Licensed & Insured Aerial Drone Pilot
Wrightsville Beach NC

Taking photography to higher levels, the skies, Tiberious is a Licensed & Insured Part 107 Pilot with the FAA to operate his registered Drone adding aerial photography to his list of accolades


Are you aware that it is ILLEGAL to fly a drone for commercial work WITHOUT A LICENSE?

Usually found behind the lens, you can find Tiberious both behind, and in front of the lens! He appeared as the photographer on It’s Me or The Dog, an episode on Animal Planet.  For magazines in New York and Savannah which have published some of his pictures.  

My Prints are easily and affordably available for purchase. Custom Lightroom Preset Packs are also available for purchaseThese have been created and used in his photography work, as well as both instagrams @TiberiousGreene & @TiberiousPhoto.  

Tiberius has spent many years learning the value of Social Media Marketing and properly branding across multiple platforms.  Additionally, Tiberious has a YouTube Channel and entertains viewers with a variety of useful photo tips.  Subscribing to his channel at YouTube.com/TiberiousGreene will help him reach his goal of 100,000 subscribers, and would be greatly appreciated. 

Tiberious continues to pride himself on his unique & creative style, high level of professionalism, and ability to make each photo session fun!

If you need professional photography or videography in South East North Carolina, check out his portfolio, meet him on YouTube, and then give him a call…because your search is over!  

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